Monday, March 03, 2014


Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews, with the support of the NDP(again), is introducing legislation that will force restaurants to show how many calories there are in each of their meals. It's interesting that none of the big food chains aren't complaining. With their wealth and power they could easily stop all these regulations behind closed doors. So why don't they? The fact is that the more regulations there are, the less chance smaller businesses have to stay in business. The big guys just pass the extra cost on to the customer. The small business just can't afford to pay the high rents, wage increases, energy prices and endless regulation costs. In rural areas the big food and big box stores drive up taxes and rental space so much that small businesses don't have a chance. The progressive liberals must have some good friends in big business to be helping them so much. The NDP just love everything to be controlled and regulated by big government.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

We all lose when the liberal-minded lead

WE KNOW we've reached the bottom of the barrel when we start questioning what gender we are. It must come after we've lost all the virtues of integrity or character we may have had. Not surprisingly, a woman who lost her gender identity, wants our school children to doubt the gender they were born with starting in grade one. Ont. Education Minister, Kathleen Wynne forced her equality/inclusive/homosexual program into the public/Catholic school curriculum last year. With no shame, she is running to be our next liberal premier in Ont. and she has a good chance of being elected by Toronto liberals. As usual, our rural votes don't count. By some strange irony our education elites, who control our school curriculum's, are some of the most stupid people on earth. For example: In the 1980's they got rid of the abstinence-based sex education program with an aggressive contraception-based sex ed. program. The result was more promiscuity, pregnancies and abortions because instead of discouraging pre-marital sex, they encouraged it. In the 1990's the geniuses in our education ministry decided that too many boys were getting higher marks than girls so they created the 'Equity' program which essentially dumbed-down the whole education program and resulted in boys falling behind because there was no more challenge for them in schools. It got so bad that they made it a rule to never fail a student. Colleges are only too happy to take parents money even though they know the students mostly fail and drop out of college. Now the education ministry wants your kids to doubt their gender and try homosexuality. We have sick stupid people running our education programs and throughout it all the only sound of discontent we hear from teachers is when they protest for more money. We need education reform. We need our local municipalities, elected by local people, to make all the decisions about education content and funding; not some gender-bender in Toronto. One size fits all just doesn't work anymore. *The suggestion that the government is the fountain of knowledge and education for people is wrong-headed. The thirst for knowledge is the engine that drives education and it's parents who provide the funds. The government is simply another tool for us to use to see that the job gets done. The government has no more authority over knowledge than it has over hope, goodness or love. To allow the government to claim authority over moral knowledge; the knowledge of right and wrong, reduces morality to politics. In so much as they think they are, government is not God.* Our rural municipalities have to start demanding better efficiency and accountability from the school system that eats up half of our taxes. * With notes from Dr. Jeff Mirus, Divinizing the State: A Blind and Dangerous Pedagogy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

By Their Silence

“By Their Silence” This Sept. McGuinty's liberal education curriculum will begin teaching children, in public and Catholic schools, that they may choose their gender even if it is different from their birth anatomy and to heck with what their parents say. They will also be encouraged to respect any homosexual feelings they may have and learn that it is no different than heterosexual sex, no matter what their parents values are. They will be told they can start gay clubs in their schools.They will be told not to tell their parents anything they have learned. The already too detailed sex education program, which starts in grade one, will expand to include homosexual sex. It will force students to be taught how to have sex with a fellow student of the same sex. The McGuinty government, probably working with the teachers union, decided to put a long overdue wage freeze on teachers salaries. The liberal media was more than happy to keep this news in the spotlight thus diverting attention away from the new homosexual curriculum. McGuinty is portrayed as a firm leader trying to control teachers, out of control salaries while he gets parents hoping that teachers will be back in school next month and forgetting the corrupt curriculum. The NDP are overjoyed with the new curriculum. · By their silence, the PC party lets it all pass. · By their silence, the Inst. of Catholic Education gives it a pass. · By their silence, the Trustees Assoc. gave it a pass. · By their silence, School Boards give it a pass. · By their silence, the Bishops give it a pass. · By their silence, parents are giving it a pass. · By their silence in church, priests and ministers are giving it a pass. One of the most disturbing pieces of legislation that will indoctrinate our youth and attack Christian values has invaded our schools. The silence is overwhelming.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What gay clubs in schools lead to.

Here is Adam Flander's own letter, detailing sexual abuse and debauchery at a tax funded so-called "gay" youth organization. Flanders handed this out to multiple media and police organizations 5 years ago...... To Whom It May Concern, My name is Adam Flanders, I am 20 years old and a current resident of Belfast, Maine. I am writing to you on behalf of my own concerns, as well as the concerns of other youth members and past members (who wish to remain anonymous) of the non- profit organization, OUT! ... As I Want to Be located in Rockland, Maine. We wish to inform you of the negligence and abuse of OUT advisors and adult members. Let me briefly summarize the original purpose of this organization. OUT was the rebirth of Outright. a Gay, Lesbian. Bisexual. Transgender, and Questioning non-profit organization for youth support, affirmation, and advocacy. When Outright Portland began demanding monetary compensation for their name (copyright), we were forced to alter ours. In addition, Rockland Outright fell into a difficult financial situation after the close of the Coastal AIDS Network (CAN), our primary source of funds. In addition. after several legal disputes, Portland Outright closed and has been renewed under the name, "PRYSM." The remaining members of Rockland Outright formed OUT, a small group consisting of several youth members and a few adult advisors. The policies and ground rules were lazily thrown together as a direct copycat of the former Portland Outright. OUT has since been mismanaged in many ways, but I (we) wish to inform you of the apparent negligence of the adult advisors and board members resulting in the emotional distress, abuse, and harm brought to youth members as young as fourteen years old. We can only speak from personal experience, and since I am the only individual willing to reveal my identity, I will begin with my personal experience of OUT and I will then summarize the complaints of those individuals who wish to remain anonymous. The majority of my time with OUT was spent at the (public) Lincoln Street Center (LSC) in Rockland, Maine once a week; every Friday night from 7 to 10 PM. However, the location has now moved to the private home of Ed and Virginia Slawson in Rockland, Maine and is now held 3 times a week. During my time at OUT meetings, my boyfriend Josh ****** and I would oftentimes sneak down to the restrooms in the lower part of the building to have sex, beginning when he was 14 and I was 18 - mostly because his father disapproved of our relationship and these meetings were our only opportunity to do this. We did this on many occasions. and several of the other youth were aware of this fact and I wouldn't doubt that similar relations occurred between other members of OUT during our nightly meetings from 7 to 10 PM. I bet the advisors were aware of this, too. There was virtually little to no level of chaperoning, as adult advisors such as Phil Hansen and Lis Clark stressed the importance of a youth-led organization. I recall that we never really knew where maybe half the youth members were at any given lime. At least two-thirds of our group smoked avidly and I witnessed adult advisors "bumming" cigarettes to youth members. some of them under the age of 18, and also offering a light to those who already had cigarettes. OUT has its own special smoke break, sometimes several a night in which most if not all of the members gathered outside the LSC to smoke, while the few non-smokers (myself included) stood and socialized. Several members, particularly two friends, Chris and Courtney (also youth members of the board) almost always showed up to our meetings high on marijuana and/or drunk on alcohol. Even worse, I witnessed several advisors drinking too much at such special events as OUT barbecues or other social events, with an especial focus on the night of the Question 1 victory: many of the adults were completely drunk, and our advisors, wanting to join the celebration, made the choice to simply bring along OUT youth members. The celebration was held at the home of Miehael Mayo in Thomaston and I remember being touched and even groped by one of the older men there (who was clearly intoxicated), and I've heard that other youth had similar experiences. OUT advisors were also getting drunk and flirting with youth members. It made the entire situation very uncomfortable, especially at the "Rainbow Potluck," a weekly event inclusive of OUT members (still going on), attended primarily by gay and lesbian adults past the age of 40. I, myself and other youth were hit on by some of the adults at the Rainbow Potluck, and I cannot possibly imagine that our advisors were oblivious to this fact. In fact, it was occurring within our own organization. I once spent the night at one of the advisor's homes (Jeff), with another youth member who was also his nephew (Tyler) up from Florida. Tyler and I engaged in minor sexual contact beneath Jeff's loft that night, though I awoke to find the two of them showering together outside, completely in the nude. In my personal opinion, it is highly inappropriate for an adult advisor in his thirties to be showering nude with a youth member, age 14 at the time. The abuse did not stop there. Late in the Summer of 2006, the president of OUT, Phil Hansen was forcefully required to step down from his position. The other board members held a secret meeting against Phil, and it was reported to me that the reason being was because he had expressed some extreme forms of sexism by completely disregarding what the female members of the board had to say. One of the youth board members (Courtney) reported to me that she left crying due to a sexual remark and personal attack Phil had made against her during one of the board meetings, which have always been held in the private home of Ed and Virginia Slawson. I was not entirely surprised - I recall Phil's stories he told to OUT members, affectionate stories from Greek literature about young boys having sexual relations with older men and open jokes about pedophilia at meetings in his own positive spin on things. This type of sexual abuse and verbal harassment has become a common part of OUT and its advisors and youth members - almost like a mutual joke shared by everyorie, but making many if not most of the youth very uncomfortable and distressed. It especially concerns me now because the meetings are being held 3 times a week in the private home of Ed and Virginia Slawson. To summarize some of the experiences of other youth members at OUT meetings and events, I will list the following for the purpose of simplicity. and then finish with a final, more personal note. •Alex ******, a youth member, continually and repeatedly sexually harassing other youth members with advances and lies about his sexual relations,which according to him, were with every member of OUT. Even our coordinator (advisor) Lis Clark joked about how pathetic his constant lies were, and yet when myself and other youth members complained of the sexual harassment, Lis simply scoffed it off as immaturity. •Another youth member, James ****** threatened suicide online and blamed it on myself, because he looked up to me and was jealous of my relationship with Josh *****. The youth member Chris discovered James' online post while browsing a gay porn hookup site (\.\' during an OUT meeting. It caused a lot of distress to all of us, knowing he was out on the streets attempting suicide while we are at Our meeting. • Suicide threats and attempts have been a common part of our organization. We once invited a counselor to speak at one of our meetings, and 3 of the members just ran out of the building crying because they couldn't handle the situation. What most concerned me (and others) was the fact that none of the advisors made any attempt to catch up to them or follow up with them afterward. • Several of our OUT meetings were spent writing letters to seemingly every democrat in Knox County. The youth members were made to write sympathetic letters at the heavy pressure from OUT's new president, LP. Fecteau. I guess it worked because only a few months ago OUT received a $4,000 donation. As you can see, there has been a lot of abuse and negligence that has caused more harm to innocent youth than I could possibly begin to describe, and it continues today, and tomorrow, and the next. My own personal association with OUT came to a sudden and violent end when my boyfriend Josh ***** of 14 months broke up with me. I knew I could find him at the meeting, and when I physically latched onto him and refused 10 let go, OUT advisors were forced to restrain me. I had also brought a knife with me with plans to commit suicide and possibly attempt to murder Josh ***** along with myself. I was arrested on domestic assault charges. I think this is one example, among many 1 have already shown, that reveals the inherent dangers an organization like OUT creates for vulnerable youth. Even before that, there was a court-issued order against Josh to not have any contact with me, and while Lis Clark (advisor) knew this, she still allowed us to sneak and see one another at OUT meetings, helping us lie to Josh' s parents on several occasions. Advisors have been known to lie to parents. One 14 year old (Eric); his parents were under the impression he was attending an art class every Friday night. With my terminated membership, I've had time to reflect on the horrors of this organization and how much influence it has on the Rockland community and beyond - especially impressionable youth - youth who are encouraged by OUT advisors to disobey their parents and develop their GLB or T orientation. OUT hands out condoms and lubricant like candy. Being the web designer and owning exclusive rights to all photos and code, I, being permanently exiled from the organization I brought up, made the obvious, perhaps bitter choice to take the site with me. I threatened legal suit if they did not remove all web content from the URL I am writing to you because I fear for the well-being of OUT youth members, especially now that meetings are being held 3 times more often and now in a private home rather than a public facility. It is my hope that the Bureau of Health will do everything in their power to seriously investigate this seemingly innocent organization that has such a dark past full of negligence, irresponsibility, sexual harassment, abuse, and ultimately emotional harm that could leave permanent scars in the lives of many vulnerable youth in Maine, or even destroy their lives completely. It makes me wonder, what horrendous acts will occur this week, or the next, or in the many months to come? More importantly, what will the BoH and the Rockland community do to make sure these destructive adult "advisors" are no longer allowed to have influence on these poor youth? I appreciate your time and hope you will consider my words seriously with the utmost concern for the welfare of Maine's children. Sincerely, Adam Flanders

Friday, March 23, 2012

Human Achievement Hour

It's that time of year again when all the enviro-nuts blossom and ask(so far) that everyone turn their lights out for one hour on Mar.31st so everyone can be in the same dark fog as them.
SunTV has a better idea and one that I've been doing for years. Celebrate Human Achievement Hour instead by turning all your inside and outside lights on from 8:30 to 9:30 Pm on Mar.31st.
Show everyone that you like to live in the light and that human achievement won't be put aside for negative people who live off enviro-welfare schemes.
Celebrate man's achievement of light over darkness.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CBC welfare cheque must end.

It's time to cut off the $1.1 billion annual welfare cheque to the biased state broadcaster CBC.

Acclaimed author Bruce Bawer has just written about "This Hour Could Have 10,000 Minutes: The Biases of the CBC" for FrontPage Magazine.

The only thing worse than having the biases of the mainstream media inflicted upon you on a daily basis is having to subsidize it. For Americans, to be sure, the rip-off isn't so terrible: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PBS and NPR, gets $430 million a year from the federal government, which comes to only a couple of bucks per household. In Britain, by contrast, the BBC license fee is now £145.50 ($226) annually per TV-owning family. And in Canada, the CBC receives more than $1.5 billion a year from the Canadian government, which amounts to upwards of $100 per household.

And what, exactly, are Canadian taxpayers paying for? That's the question asked - and very illuminatingly answered - by a new documentary, This Hour Could Have 10,000 Minutes: The Biases of the CBC, producedby James Cohen and Fred Litwin. (The title is a reference to "This Hour Has 22 Minutes," a long-running CBC series specializing in political satire.) Focusing on two main topics - anti-Israel bias and anti-conservative bias - the documentary consists almost entirely of CBC clips (most but not all of them from news programs) in which we can see these biases in action. To judge by this compilation, the CBC is perhaps even more slanted than the infamously partial BBC - and, perhaps, even more brazen about it.

Take the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the documentary we see excerpts from a CBC report on the second Gaza "Freedom Flotilla" that consists entirely of interviews with flotilla participants - all of whom represent it as a virtuous and innocuous aid mission and condemn Israel's actions against the previous flotilla as absolutely unjustified. At no point does the CBC provide even a brief reminder that there is, in fact, another side to the story. (As the documentary asks: "Is this reporting? Or stenography?")

[Please read the whole article..]

See how fast CBC gobbles tax dollars:

Monday, October 17, 2011

We don't need CBC bias anymore.

Here are some reasons to sell the CBC:

1- The $1.1 Billion+ per year could better be spent on Health care or other programs. It could also be used to pay down our debt. We've seen what debt can do in Greece. People are losing their jobs and other important services. That's what debt does. The CBC is adding to our debt problems. Besides, CBC pays huge amounts of money to its executives and wines and dines them around the world at our expense. Other Canadian TV stations don't have that kind of cash flow to waste away.

2- The CBC doesn't just show Canadian content anymore. They have many American programs like Jeopardy. So what's the point?

3- All Canadians now have access to Satellite TV. So Every Canadian can now get any other Canadian TV station they so choose. Therefore CBC has outlived its original mandate. A private owner of CBC would have to run the business like any other Canadian TV station. The only difference is that they may not be able to have the big parties, big salaries and too many employees at our expense anymore. So what's so unfair about that?

4- CBC is clearly biased content favoring the liberal-minded viewpoint.

If you agree go to this website and vote to sell the CBC.