Monday, March 03, 2014


Ontario Health Minister Deb Matthews, with the support of the NDP(again), is introducing legislation that will force restaurants to show how many calories there are in each of their meals. It's interesting that none of the big food chains aren't complaining. With their wealth and power they could easily stop all these regulations behind closed doors. So why don't they? The fact is that the more regulations there are, the less chance smaller businesses have to stay in business. The big guys just pass the extra cost on to the customer. The small business just can't afford to pay the high rents, wage increases, energy prices and endless regulation costs. In rural areas the big food and big box stores drive up taxes and rental space so much that small businesses don't have a chance. The progressive liberals must have some good friends in big business to be helping them so much. The NDP just love everything to be controlled and regulated by big government.

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